Account Eligibility

There are two types of myAccounts for KJN Photo Works, Copyright Holder myAccount’s and Guest myAccount’s.

A Copyright Holder myAccount is  for people who have copyright on at one photograph on KJN Photo Works. 

To be a copyright holder you must either be one of the main people of the event or closely related to a main person of the event. Copyright Holder myAccount’s are not available to guests of a main person.

If you are not eligible for a Copyright Holder myAccount, you are automatically eligible for a Guest myAccount. A Guest myAccount is for guests of the main people of the event.

To be a Guest myAccount holder you must have been in attendance for at least a quarter of the time the event was running, be a close friend to at least one main person of the event, or at the request of a main person of the event to be able to access the photographs.


If you are eligible for an account and do not have one, click here to request a myAccount.